Des Moines Commercial Litigation Attorneys

The attorneys of Long & Gilliam, in Des Moines, Iowa, represent individuals and businesses of all sizes in legal disputes involving money and property.

Over many years of legal practice, we have successfully represented clients in a wide range of commercial litigation matters, including:

  • Commercial contract disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Business relations and torts
  • Debtor-creditor agreements
  • Creditors’ rights
  • Real property
  • Employment law/employee relations
  • Professional liability
  • Products liability
  • Appeals

Although we always research cases in preparation for trial, many disputes we handle can be resolved without lengthy and expensive court battles.

At Long & Gilliam, we have the flexibility to resolve your legal dispute using whatever legal tools are available or required by the situation. Our lawyers can ably represent your interests in court, in negotiations or in other forms of conflict resolution such as arbitration or mediation. Whenever it is possible and prudent, we save our clients money, time and grief by using alternative dispute resolution tools to reach satisfying settlements of differences.

Proactive Representation — A Key To Success

Quick and decisive action is often the best means to achieve a useful outcome. We don’t waste time in the early phases of a case, but rather, we learn everything we can about our clients’ circumstances, analyze the pros and cons of their available options and recommend strategies as soon as possible. We understand that every minute that passes is one in which the opposition could be advancing its case against you.

We strive to be as honest and forthcoming with our clients as possible, and we communicate clearly with them throughout the legal process. If you have a question — whether it is about a change in your case or a question about billing — you can expect a clear answer in a timely manner.

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Long & Gilliam is ready to make a positive difference for your business. For more information, contact our Des Moines commercial litigation attorneys online or by calling 515-954-3571.